The L-pillow – for pregnancy and relaxing

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The L-pillow has taken over sleeping pills, bed-covers or other pillows. Even some of the spouses (with his or her approval, of course!). The thing that we hear most often from our customers is the fact that they actually got a good night sleep, finally! And this is all we need to keep on going!



Pregnancy and relaxation… That is a fantastic combination, especially during your pregnancy!

If you find yourself in at least 3 of the situations below, then it means that this is the perfect pillow for you!

* early pregnancy and if you will have a climber baby; you need to climb your feet!
* you can’t find you position in bed anymore. On right site – no. On the left site, more no! On your belly – excluded! Relax, it’s the hormones’ fault!
The L pillow is made of two separate cushions:
– a large pillow (1 meter length) to support the head and stomach;
– a small pillow (0,5 meters length), which is firmer. This can be removed from the cover. You can put it on your back, ankle – it is thought to come between your knees.
* back pain is not a great topic… The spine slowly changes its shape and you feel all these occurring in a horrifying way. I mean, it hurts! The L pillow is designed to align the spine and to keep parallel lines between shoulders, hips and knees – this is the first indication of a doctor, if you will ask what to do to alleviate the discomfort.

* next level: if you want a pillow for breastfeeding, simply remove the small pillow and you will get a perfect pillow for breastfeeding. Or don’t remove the small pillow to support and hold your back – it will help (actually you will be forced) to hold the back straighter than if you did not have it. Test it with, or without.
* next after next level: if you have a great help when the little smurf will sleep on the bed or anywhere other than in the crib (as all parents want) and you need to ensure that he doesn’t flip, fall or hit itself in a small accident. Believe me, now you don’t see it, but you might experience it later.
* bonus: it’s good for dads too! It’s actually a good cushion for all men, from many points of view: not few men have back pain. For this, you can read what I wrote above about how this pillow keeps your back in a straight line.

My note: I invented that pillow during my first pregnancy and I have offered it for testing to more than 20 pregnant woman before I produced it for selling. The feedback has been more than I expected!
Therefore, this is a unique product in the world. At the end of this year I will present to you, officially, the Patent inventor for this pillow!

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